Monday, October 7, 2013

Non-local Foods: What about those avocado's I love?

Even when you work hard to eat local and eat whole foods, there is usually something you really love that just doesn't grow in your local area. There is still a way to buy some of these items directly from smaller farms and farmers in the communities where these things do grow.

LocalHarvest was founded in 1998, and is now the number one informational resource for the Buy Local movement and the top place on the Internet where people find information on direct marketing family farms.

"The richness, variety, and flavor of our communities, food systems, and diets is in jeopardy. The exclusive focus on economic efficiency has brought us low prices and convenience through large supermarkets chains, agribusiness and factory farms, while taking away many other aspects of our food lives, like our personal relation with our food and with the people who produce it. More and more people are realizing this and actively working to turn the tide and to preserve a food industry based on family-owned, small scale businesses. They are our best guarantee against a world of styrofoam-like long-shelf-life tomatoes and diets dictated from corporate boardrooms" (Local Harvest member). 

So if you live in New England, like I do, you might want avocado's, lemons or grapefruit to be part of your regular diet. The Local Harvest fruit section which will allow you to look at information about the farm the produce comes from and have it shipped directly to your door USPS. You can get to know a little about the farmers, keep more profit in the hands of small farmers and buying in bulk allows you to get a good deal. 

There is contact information for each farmer, so if you have questions you can email or call them. Here is an example:

Pedros Avocado Ranch

(Fallbrook, California)
LocalHarvest Sponsor!
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Grown in the heart of Fallbrook, California or, "The Avocado Capital of the World," our produce reflects our commitment to growing the finest and tastiest avocados. In addition to avocados, we also grow Tropical Dragon Fruit (Magenta), which is in season from mid-summer to late fall. Here at Pedro's Ranch, we dedicate ourselves to growing organic produce so that our consumers can feel the benefits of eating healthy. We take pride in both our fruits and our customers, and that is why we do our best to produce the highest quality produce.
(This listing was last updated on Jul 26, 2013)
Contact Information

Farmers' Market   
Schedule and Location:
Hollywood Market, Sunday morning, 8am-1pm
Long Beach Market, Sunday morning, 8am-2pm
Silver Laker Market, Saturday morning, 8am-1:30pm
Torrance Market, Saturday morning, 8am-1pm

For all of our farmers' markets, please visit our website.
Farming Practices: [?]
Certified Organic 

Note I didn't add yellow bananas to this list. While I love banana's they have serious environmental, agricultural and social issues. If you do buy bananas get informed, buy fair trade bananas and be willing to pay a fair price. You should check out these links:

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