Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wild Food: June 15th: Violets

Violets (true violet) are not only edible, they are yummy. Many people make early springtime treats such as violet honey, violet jam or violet cakes from the flowers. What most people over look is that violet leaves are also wonderful and you can continue eating them well into the summer.

Some violets leaves are sweet and others have a more pea like flavor. Sweet violets are great for decorating deserts or just munching on straight from the ground. The earthier tasty violets are a great addition to a green salad in spring and early summer. Later in the summer the leaves become tougher and are yummy lightly cooked up with some other greens along with olive oil and garlic.

The most common type, the Blue Violet, has a sterile violet-colored flower that blooms in the spring. There are no leaves on the flower stalk. The heart-shaped, shallow-toothed leaves arise separately from the ground.

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  1. Thanks for the write up on violets! I didn't realize they were edible. While our violets are all done flowering, we still have the leaves everywhere. I may have to try cooking some up.